Thursday, January 15, 2009

travel: hong kong disneyland

Admittedly, this wasn't the first pit stop of my travel around the Orient but I couldn't wait so here we go.

Yay for Disney! I had expectations of this place because everyone, even the taxi drive, said the place was tiny and takes about half a day to go around. Not true! (Incidentally the public transport system in HK is amazing so don't get cabs, they will rip you off) Although maybe its because we spent hours in the lines for rides, but that sort of thing is to be expected in theme parks yeah?
Anyway, Disneyland was like a dream, really. The place is so clean that if you saw a lone wrapper somewhere, it is only be surrounded by about fifty cleaners fighting it scoop it up. But that's not why it was dream like, oh no no no! It was the music, which was everywhere! Speakers where located eveywhere running little renditions of your favourite disney songs and, because it was near christmas, carols too. It was so cute, it made waiting in line almost okay, sort of. Plus the decorations were super cute! The place was separated into sections to showcase the various disney movies with food themed as well! There was an itenery that was to follow so you could properly experience the whole thing, but we lost it which sucked. But! If YOU go, don't lose it, use it! It would be very advantageous!

People were right about the rides i suppose, they really are for little kids. My sister had a blast. But i wasn't really bothered about that. When you're at Disneyland you feel likt you're five years old, you feel youth seeping out of your ears so who cares about rollercoasters when you can instead ride on teacups, Dumbos and a million "i'm not sure what there's are called but they're kind of like haunted house rides in that you sit in carts but instead you go to like the 100acre woods and stuff" rides?

The above photos were taken from the "It's a Small World" cart ride whereby they showcase the culture slash traditional dress of the various continents. They were super pretty! I had more photos but my camera was running out of space so we had to let them go. Sadfaceforevz.

We saw Disney characters walking about too. That was very exciting for me, especiallly because the first one we saw was Mulan. Like, zomgomg etc. They have schedeuled times and stand around they designated spots. Mulan stoof underneath an oriental looking tree, Alice (from Wonderland) stood near novelty sized teacups and Merlin around the Sword of Excalibur. As it was Christmas-ish time we saw the "Let it Snow Parade too" which was pretty sweet and all the princesses came out and we all ooh-ed and ahh-ed, because how else are you meant to act around your childhood dream? The only annoying thing was that they all spoke Canto so for us non-canto speakers we were like wtf mate? But i spose it was in HK so what can you expect under a one country two systems rule?

The most amazing thing about Disneyland were the lights at night. Wow, it is so beautiful I didn't ever want to leave. I hadn't experienced something like that ever since the Eyes Lies and Illusions show at ACMI so you know it must be good.

A really cool thing was that, when we first entered the gate of Disneyland we were given holigraphic glasses to look through when the light came out. Oh, here's what we saw:

I'm not sure how well you can see this, but they're snowmen!!! The lights come up as snow men. How cool is that? Very! But still the best was yet to come. We stayed until the very last second before closing time, to get the most out of our money yes? So as we made our slowly and reluctantly towards the gate we suddenly hear sounds of exclamations and then look up. It was snowing! Small white flakes floated down towards us, it was snow! Artificial of course but snow nonetheless. It was amazing.

Recently I've heard a rumour that a new Disneyland was to be built in Shanghai. And you know what? I've never been to Shanghai before...

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