Wednesday, January 28, 2009

food: pancake parlour

It is only with restless indecision that I usually wind up at the Pancake Parlour. I usually am not very satisfied, but I usually know that I won't be; prices are over the top, food is average at best. Their saving grace is whimsical and wholly likeable traditional Alice in Wonderland style decor and charming parquet flooring and polished booths. And finally at last, on the menu something to talk about; Chocolate strawberry Jubilee pancakes.

In fox is a deadful (or dreadful) blogger part 2, here is what is left of the Chocolate Jubilee; a triumphant, over the top (excellently so) combination of chocolate pancakes, icecream, whipped cream, hot chocolate fudge, chocolate flakes and strawberries. Wow.

Fuck it looks like crap. But trust me, it is go-ooo-d. Probably too good. If you don't love life you don't deserve such rampant and disgusting decadence.

1 comment:

  1. haha i always end up getting this one! another thing from pancake parlour is that sometimes you're not sure if that scoop for creamy substance is butter or ice cream