Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fashion: Sretsis

If I were a rich girl (na na na na na na na na na na na na na)... I would buy everything from Sretsis' new collection, Metamorphosis. Or ever.

Friday, March 27, 2009

life: fun times

docklands on summer nights

Friday, March 20, 2009

beauty: short hair

There's really something about a 33degree day in autumn that makes me want to cut my hair. I've had long hair for years now, actually years. Its gotten to a point where I'd get a cut and no one would see a difference because well, its the same. I've gone through stages where I've been like, "have to change have to change have to change". Nothing has really eventuated from it all but I'm determined this time!

Here are my options:
The Elva
The Ayumi
The Jolin

Oh decisions decisions! Now that I've pledged my hair cutting schemes to the internet world I can't go back, ha!

Monday, March 16, 2009

book: a short history of tractors in ukraine

I've always had a soft spot for the Soviet Bloc. Don't ask, I really don't know why either. So when my wandering eyes fell upon this little gem on the bookshelves, it's propaganda-esque cover caught me immediately.

But I have been fooled before by interesting covers, so I wasn't about to dish out 20-30 bucks for another snore. At the time, you see, I was at the airport stores awaiting check in. I had about an hour to kill at my hands so I figured a quick flip read wasn't going to kill me. I loved it! It was witty fast paced and Marin Lewycka exudes a personality Stephanie Meyer can never dream of.

The storyline of the book brings out a deep sense of family. Despite the sibling rivalry between the sisters and their mutual love/heart towards their father, it reminds us that the ingrained tension is a result of a need for approval from those we care most.

Anyway the descriptions are hilarious, (I especially enjoyed "Botticellian breasts") the style is sassy and its'a book you won't feel guilty about reading later. So go for it.

fashion: winter beanies

Yup the colder seasons are approaching and my ears slash head in general need some protection. Granted after having 47 degree days a mere drop to 19 seems freezing for me! Anyway I should explain. I was born with a rather round head. Not as round as some, true, but round nonetheless. Such roundness that is exacerabated by hats. So I choose to avoid them in general. But beanies, I can do beanies.

This one is a beret from Forever New. Something about it really reminds of of Gossip Girl. It's very preppy, somewhat different from what you would ordinarily see and the black embellishment is just too cute.

Ah yes, the earflap beanies! I've always always wanted one. They exude youth from all directions and screams "SNOW ANGELS SNOW ANGELS". Even if it never snows in Melbourne, I guess I would have to improvise in the dirt. These ones are from an online Korean brand called Slowbaba, although can be found virtually anywhere.

This is closer to something I have right now but I would have to say that scarlette is a lot more daring than just creme, no? It's a shame, this Urban Outfitter peice used to come in an electric blue but I haven't seen it for a while.

Okay I'll admit, this is pretty similar to the one above. But the pompom gives it an extra something don't you think? This is by the online brand: With Mocha. Cute.

Here's something more traditional in beanie wear. But you have to agree, the cable knit and pompoms are so much more attractive than fine knit plus football team attachment, yes? Cuteness courtesy of LORIKEET, another oneline brand.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

beauty: soft soft lips

I have used almost all of the lipbalms under the sun. The Australian sun that is because sometimes companys don't like to ship their stuff to us which is very sad indeed. Anyway my point is: I pretty much cannot go without lipbalm.

But then, one day i ran out. (That's a lie, i lost my trusty nivea one and had only a grapefruit nivea one that unfortunately hads a red tinge. And that fine, but I also currently have pimples above my lips and the red really brings it out. Too much information? Sorry, I'm feeling sharing today. ) And then it struck me! I had remembered reading something about exfoliating your lips. I mean its true right? If you can exfoliate skin everywhere else why not your lips? Just be very gentle!

1. sink a glob of lipbalm onto your lips so they're nice and conditioned and then wait about five or so minutes to allow it to sink in.

2. grab a soft tooth brush or a childrens tooth brush and gentled rub it over your tips in a circular movement. be very very gentle here. really. Its far better to spend more time on it than having your lips scraped away. Think about it

3. Once you're done rub another glob of lipbalm over your lips again and leave it to set. Probs 5 minutes or so again and you're done.

Okay this is probably something you shouldn't be doing all that often (1 every two weeks perhaps?) but it allows for your lipbalm to better sink into your skin so it can do its job. It will also mean you won't have to use it nearly as often. Yay!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

fashion: sretsis

Sretsis Southern Hemisphere A/W09