Monday, January 26, 2009

life: bake day

These days I don't really feel like buying clothes, or accesories, or shoes or anything for that matter really. I went to the market with Fox and came face to face with a potential steal and yet I could not even be bothered to consider it. All I want these days are food.

SO! The other day i made my way down to my friend Sushi's house and baked. First on the agenda were cupcakes. We used the spongecake recipe from The Great Big Glorious Book for Girls. Pretty much, best book ever.

They were great. I love it when cooking adventures are successful. I also love creaming, its so satisfying when the sugar finally blends with the butter. This was also our first time icing. With one of those icing thingos that is. Haha, Sushi's icing thingo looked like a massive syringe. Our first batch of icing was a bit too, how should i put it, solid? So we diluted it with some milk, but we had to be careful because otherwise it would look as though our syringe was lactose intolerant.

We decided that sugar wasn't going to fill up our stomaches. Well i mean it can, but we'd feel guilty about it. So we made a potatoe salad. Yum yum yum! You can't go wrong with 'taters. Anyway, if you were wondering: the secret it Dijion mustard.

One of the other reasons I went to Sushi's place, aside from oogling at her buys from the U S of A which she just came back from, was to pour my sadness out on a third party. Sushi wasn't so sure about that, so we decided to pour some alcohol. Into cake. Introducing our tiramisu. It was a lot easier than i thought it would be. All you need is a lot of ingredients and the perfect sponge cake.

Chocolate was one of the things we had heaps left over, so we decided to make chocolate strawberries. The thing is to not let the chocolate touch water because they kind of repel, we didn't know. So they failed. And they should have been the easiest ones too. Oh well. We ended up scraping the chocolate off when we ate them.

Miam miam!

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