Monday, December 29, 2008

life: lazy days with a bit of everything

Firstly, apologies on being a terribly unconscientious blogger. Wolfs is on an exotic trip at the moment (maybe exciting travel stories later?) whilst I am, well, generally, just a terrible at remembering to bring a camera to places and remembering to take pictures of things or document things, even though I have been so many places and seen so many things I wish to share! However, I purposefully tried to learn how to use self-timer and purposefully brought along my camera on one of my many escapades of late. Great step forward for mankind?
This is a really terriblefanstastic dress I bought at my local Salvos recently for $10 dollars. Sorry for the dreadful attempt at self-timing. The lovely Australian sun provided a nice ambience though. I think. These days are fantastic.

I had coffee with a friend at jones the grocer, a lovely cafe cum grocer in Chadstone's new Fresh Food precinct. Unfortunately I only just remembered to take a picture after I finished my latte and after taking my first bite into the strawberry macaroon. This was my first time ever eating a macaroon (french pastries don't appear as frequently as you'd like in Melbourne) and I must say I was fairly underwhelmed (following all the hype that has sensationalised these confections in my mind). Maybe in Paris they will be better. I have no idea why my pen is there. No wonder I keep losing pens, I just put them in ambiguous places and (probably) leave them there.

Before heading off to the cinema to see Frost/Nixon (details later), I chanced upon a deliriously funny comic book at Borders, Pyongyang; a Journey in North Korea. To be absolutely honest, I have zero expertise and little interest (at best) in comics, but I lovely political novelties/light hearted political/social commentaries, and this was hilarious. Laughing inappropriately in public sort of funny. For those curious about the innards of the closed walls of the DPRK, the point of view of this foreign expat depicts some of the bizarre and wonderful places and people in Pyongyang. Definitely a must read.

The summer is wonderful. Bring on the new year.

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  1. vivacious truong!
    hope you have a fantabulous nye!
    we should probs organise when we'll head up to the city for soko?
    txt me, yes?

    and indeed there was an abundance of macaroons in paris in gloriously girly colours just like in marie antoinette! i don't know what sofia coppola was on about but i didn't find macaroons as good as say crepes!