Saturday, December 13, 2008

fashion: peter alexander

I'm not really sure why i enjoy pjs so much. I mean, aside from sleepovers no one is really going to see them. So why make the effort? Because it's such an easy way to make you feel glamourous! Sure you may dress up during the day time, but to be wrapped in prettyness during slumber is pure indulgence. So just imagine my utter delight when I first stepped into Peter Alexander. The decor of the shop was what took me first, so darling, so femme, so chic it was love at first sight. It felt like the hotel room of a famous 50s actress or perhaps the bedroom of Princess Anne of Roman Holiday. Either way I knew I had found my new home.

And then there were the actual garments. LOVE! From their current cataolgue I am covetting:

Are they not the best things ever? The first item is their Dobby Lace Trim Nightie. The lace trimmings and ribbons are so adorable and the babydoll cut will be super comfy in bed as well. The second item, their Trench Style Toweling Gown, is super cute and also comes in pink. The third item is their Vintage Floral Wrap and is actually classified as daywear. The tag says, "now that you've slept with Peter, why not spend the day with him too?" Why not indeed.

So extending upon the Audrey Hepburn analogy, Peter Alexander is to me as Tiffanies is to Holly Golightly. Now if only Peter Alexander sold rings too...Oh wait, they do!


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  1. Ooh these are fun! I really like the bathrobe