Sunday, December 21, 2008

food: kra ta ron

Okay, I realise I'm posting a lot of food at the moment. Disclaimer: I'm not a pig, really! Also suddenzzz isn't just a food blog either! It's just that I/ we (Fox and I) went to a city school for four years but never really took full advantage of its facilities so now I/we're repenting. In the form of eating out at fit fab and funkeh places like the fit fab and funkeh people we are. And by fit I mean fit in a british way, as in hot (if i just used that word wrong, please don't correct me!).

So anyway, it was my birthday a couple of days ago. Yay! Finally legal etc etc. So my crush took me out for dinner as per tradition. To an extent I kind of feel like we compete over who can find the cooler restaurant, except I think i get bonus marks for also pre-buying cupcakes/ mini cakes, but you know I'm just saying...

Wow, what a tangent. Anyway! This year the place was Kr Ta Ron, a Thai restaurant and Barbeque. We did the bbq because it's like its specialty and stuff. The set and stuff was pretty cool. The bbq-ing bit is at the top and the soupy stuff (they have soupy stuff!) is at the bottom and you can cook your vegies and stuff there. So to me it was kind of like a barbeque crossed hot pot thing. Which is good because I like both.

It's now also set out as an all-you-can-eat sort of thing, so sure enough we got all we could eat.

And in action:

The trouble with the vermicelli was that it burnt easily; apply olive oil liberally. Also! The squid is not cooked unless it's curly. Must be curly.
To be honest the food was really just okay. I mean it's barbeque so no matter how elaborate it is, it's still just a bee bee kew. That being said, the set was pretty fun. There's just something so enticing about cooking food and then eating it (straight away!) that sets the experience apart.
Kra Ta Ron, 195 Lonsdale Street Melbourne Victoria

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