Tuesday, December 16, 2008

food: koko black

Call me a creature of habit, a traditionalist or boring but I've always wanted to become a cafe's regular. The sort costumer that always sits on the same table, makes idle chit chat with the owners and has a 'usual', after trying everything on the menu bien sur. But of course in order to become a regular one must find a good cafe and up until recently I thought I had it. It was a cute little place tucked away in one of Melbourne many lane ways with a comforting menu and an ambient atmosphere. Until it renovated. It's such a shame as well because one of the things I loved most about the place were it's vintage French posters and old school heater (you put to pull a draw string to turn it on). Unfortunately the owners were on a much different wavelength to I and decided to modernise. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with a little po-mo, but for me that's something I associate with bars and clubs and restaurants while cafes are cosy soft and warm. Much like a bear.

So now I'm on a mission to find a new place with my first hit being Koko Black in the Royal Arcade. Yes I realise that Koko Black is a franchise and that I'm probably selling myself out to the corporate devil and such, but you should check out the interior decoration of this place. Really, who can say no to dark wallpaper, cherub bearing chandeliers and leather armchairs? No one. Plus sitting near the windows upstairs gives an advantageous position for snipering. It also gives an advantageous position for generally overlooking the arcade, which is nice too.

Presentation wise everything is very chic and rather decadent, which fits well with it's emphasis on chocolate based beverages I think. Case in point: Ice Chocolate, Belgian Hot Chocolate and Coffee Affogato

Personally I think the coffee of the Coffee Affogato was a bit too strong for me, so I'm pretty sure I won't be ordering that again. Then again I get shaky after drinking a regular Caramelatte from Gloria Jeans so I'm really not one to go by. But chocolate is the house specialty and the chocolate drinks were great so that's the main point.

edit: as if turns out affogato is a long black with ice cream, hence my shakiness

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