Monday, March 16, 2009

fashion: winter beanies

Yup the colder seasons are approaching and my ears slash head in general need some protection. Granted after having 47 degree days a mere drop to 19 seems freezing for me! Anyway I should explain. I was born with a rather round head. Not as round as some, true, but round nonetheless. Such roundness that is exacerabated by hats. So I choose to avoid them in general. But beanies, I can do beanies.

This one is a beret from Forever New. Something about it really reminds of of Gossip Girl. It's very preppy, somewhat different from what you would ordinarily see and the black embellishment is just too cute.

Ah yes, the earflap beanies! I've always always wanted one. They exude youth from all directions and screams "SNOW ANGELS SNOW ANGELS". Even if it never snows in Melbourne, I guess I would have to improvise in the dirt. These ones are from an online Korean brand called Slowbaba, although can be found virtually anywhere.

This is closer to something I have right now but I would have to say that scarlette is a lot more daring than just creme, no? It's a shame, this Urban Outfitter peice used to come in an electric blue but I haven't seen it for a while.

Okay I'll admit, this is pretty similar to the one above. But the pompom gives it an extra something don't you think? This is by the online brand: With Mocha. Cute.

Here's something more traditional in beanie wear. But you have to agree, the cable knit and pompoms are so much more attractive than fine knit plus football team attachment, yes? Cuteness courtesy of LORIKEET, another oneline brand.

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