Tuesday, February 10, 2009

craft: masquerade pt1

This is very late and is something i will never tell any prospective employers, but my friends very special 18th is this friday and I am still yet to come up with a mask. Oh dear. The thing is, i was going to buy one but purple is a very difficult colour to find in masks and yes, it must be purple for dress code reasons.
But I have two ideas I am considering so I did a rough sketch.

Here is option one. It seems a bit more blue than purple doesn't it? Maybe if I changed the feathers to purple then it will be better. The orange stuff around the eyes are meant to be rhinestones and I'll make the yellow bit in the middle more glittery perhaps.

And here is the second one. Its obviously more purply and whatnot but is it too boring? Bear in mind my crafting skills are rather limited. Anyway, its going to be all purple feathers with yellow glitter outlining and orange rhinestone adornments.

I don't know if neither of these work out, I guess I'll have to go and buy one. Let's hope it won't lead to that.

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